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Long Live the Royals is a miniseries on Cartoon Network. It was aired in November 30th- to December 3rd, 2015.


Long Live the Royals follows a fictional British Royal Family—King Rufus and Queen Eleanor and their children Peter, Rosalind, Eddy, and Alex—as they honor the annual Yule Hare Festival. The family must battle having to rule their kingdom while maintaining a normal family at the same time. Meanwhile, the festival continues with the parties and feasts that comprise it.

Background & Production

The Long Live the Royals miniseries was created by Sean Szeles. It was made from a pilot he created in 2013. The network released the pilot on their official website in May 2014, along with AJ's Infinite Summer, a separate pilot created by Toby Jones. Szeles and Jones work on Regular Show, another series on the network, for which Szeles is supervising producer. For this pilot, Szeles won a Primetime Emmy Award at the 66th annual ceremony in 2014. The miniseries was announced by the network on February 19, 2015 for its 2015–16 schedule. American comedian Jon Daly, who voiced King Rufus in the pilot, said on The Best Show with Tom Scharpling that he, Horatio Sanz and Gillian Jacobs will reprise their voice acting roles on the series, while British actor Hugh Laurie will voice another character.

Broadcast & Reception

Daly said on The Best Show that Long Live the Royals is set to air in the fall of 2015. Amid Amidi of Cartoon Brew posited that Cartoon Network commissioned this miniseries and the one for their other show Adventure Time after the success of Over the Garden Wall, their first miniseries, created by the former Adventure Time writer Patrick McHale.

Main Characters


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